As a little girl, my Mother enjoyed watching daytime talkshows and since I was the youngest I would remain home while my siblings were in school. I began to enjoy watching powerful hosts like Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Ricki Lake. I was the little girl that put on talent shows for my relatives and sold lemonade in my neighborhood. I developed a love for the media and entertainment industry at a young age. Instead of asking for toys for Christmas, every year I would request something that would help me in my craft; camcorder, karaoke machine, computer. Video Production and Broadcast media has always been my passion.

After being forced to leave school due to financial reasons I was determined to make my dreams happen without earning a degree. I started a blog and began hosting on internet radio which later turned into podcasting. Fast-forward a year, I returned to school to finish my Senior year, I acquired experience in radio marketing and promotions.
After graduation, I plan to relocate and find a position in the media industry that will utilize all of my skills.

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