3 fashion don’ts that need to go away

1. “Murse” (Man Purse)41V0l2-6V8L

Nothing says RUN more than a man carrying a purse. Fellas, call it what you want (man bag, backpack, etc.) it’s nothing more than what it appears to be. Do us all a favor, step into 2016 and ditch the pocketbook.

2. Kitten Heelsred-kitten-heel-shoes

Where do we begin? Any woman old enough to purchase her own shoes shouldn’t be sporting these. Now, that doesn’t mean every time you want to dress up in a nice pair of heels for a special occasion you have to wear stilletos, but the point of wearing them is to elongate your legs. So, unless you’re over 6-foot and were blessed with long limbs, no kitten heels for you!

3. Ugg Boots


Ugg Boots were the biggest trend in casual fashion for the past ten years or so. Paired with your most comfortable pair of sweatpants and you were ready for a day of running errands. Sadly, this trend has died. Ugg Boots can barely last through one winter without falling apart. With a bit of a hefty price tag for the average joe, these boots aren’t worth the year after year repurchasing most buyers were faced with.

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