5 makeup tips for beginners

If you’ve never applied makeup before, the world of YouTube tutorials and the “Instagram MUA ” might be a bit overwhelming for you. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these  5 tips.

1. Blending is your friend

The key to a successful makeup application is blending. That goes for both eye makeup (eye shadow) and face make up ( foundation, concealer, bronzer, etc). Blend eyeshadow using a sweeping motion with the brush. Using a beauty blender sponge in a dab motion will eliminate any fine lines in your foundation application.

2. Less is more

I know you’re dying to copy your fav celebs killer makeup looks, but not just yet. Start off with light makeup, sorry, that means no attempting to highlight and contour.

3. Stay on budget

Using expensive brands doesn’t magically turn you into Jay Manuel (celebrity makeup artist). Save your coins for the moment. Drug store products are your best friend. The best part of doing your own makeup is trial and error. You don’t want to “error” with a few hundred dollars worth of goodies.

4. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask how something looks on you. If you’re in the store trying to find your foundation color, ask the girl next to you or the cashier. ( Swatching on your hand isn’t 100% effective, swatch on your upper neck/ lower chin area.) Chances are they won’t mind lending you a hand and they’ll be able to see better than you can.

 5. Stay away from bright colors

Remember that, “less is more” tip? Yeah, can’t really say that enough. Although bright neon lip color and metallic shadows can be extremely tempting, stay away until you’ve mastered the basics.

Have fun. Wearing makeup is a form of expressing yourself.


Article: RaeBay

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