Are you wearing the right undergarments?

As a bustier girl, I’ve always had issues finding bras that fit me correctly. Ever since I can remember (I started wearing bras in the 3rd grade btw) straps would break, I’d have extreme spillage, or painful indentations in my shoulders and back where the bra marked its territory. You can be wearing the cutest outfit ever, but if you’ve got a muffin top or visible panty lines, everyone will loose focus and suddenly the attention on that killer outfit is lost. Here are a few ways to make sure you are wearing the correct garments under your stylish threads.

Let’s start with Bras. I have a few friends that aren’t so blessed in the chest region. We’ve had the conversations that all girls have about bra sizes and how we’ve finally found a bra we love. In the midst of my chat with two girls on different occasions, both exclaimed how excited they were to have reached a D cup size. My reaction was pure confusion. How could these two girls with breast much smaller than mine, have a bra size pretty close to my bra size? The answer. They both were frequent shoppers at legendary Victoria’s Secret. While there, they were measured and told they were a size D. Is this a ploy by the famed company to get women to feel better about their bodies? So, in turn, they come back to shop for more. I say all this to say, don’t go to a regular store grabbing  D cup bras and thinking it’s going to fit. Your first step should be to get measured by a professional. I’ve been to a few stores thinking the clerks there could help me out and I’d leave with a better understanding of why my bras weren’t fitting. I’d suggest visiting a lingerie shop. They deal with bras and measuring women constantly. They have a grasp of what you need and chances are you’ll leave with a few things to spice up the night later.


Your bra should be clamped at the very first knotch in the back. This allows for you to gradually  tighten the band when over time the elasticity is lost in the bra.



The bra should be flat against your chest and under your breast. There shouldn’t be a gap between the bra and your skin (This is the clearest indicator that the bra isn’t the correct size).


The straps should be positioned somewhere comfortable. Not too tight or too loose.


The straps shouldn’t be cutting into you leaving a mark!


You should be completely covered on the sides anof your breast.


The band in the back that you clamped should align perfectly with your breast going all the way around. You can tell if it is by looking at yourself from a side view.

Lastly, you should feel comfortable.

I also have a few friends that don’t like wearing thongs, where as I swear by them. Although they definitely aren’t meant for everyday wear, I think thongs are a necessity for every woman to have. The tight fitting dress that is hanging in the back of your closet isn’t going to look very flattering if you’re wearing a pair of granny panties.

Here are some articles of clothing that thongs were made for.

Tight jeans

(LBD) little black dress

Yoga pants

a clingy tight fitting dress

anything white!

Every lady has at least one of these items, which means she better have a thong or two.


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