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Financial Literacy tips for the 20 somethings

In this episode, Rae breaks down some tips to help with money management. New Episode of Loose Lips With Rae Bay here!

Trump’s Inauguration, Popeyes’ New Commercial, and Gender Roles

In this episode, Rae Bay talks about the drama behind Donald Trump’s inauguration performances, Popeyes chicken has a new commercial, and Gender roles placed on children. New Episode of Loose Lips With Rae Bay here!

Soul Boy vs Chris Brown, Mariah Carey’s Lip syncing, and New Years resolutions that no one keeps

In the first episode of 2017, Rae Bay talks about the complicated beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown, Mariah Carey’s lip-syncing, and New Years resolutions that no one keeps. New Episode of Loose Lips With Rae Bay here!

Kim Kardashian’s odd shaped body, another friday movie, and Jamal G.

In this episode Rae Bay interviews Baltimore rapper Jamal G, Kim Kardashian’s odd shaped body, and another Friday movie? New Episode of Loose Lips With Rae Bay here!

Two new reality shows coming to tv this fall

Dipset’s Jim Jones and his fiancé/ride -or-die Chrissy Lampkin are back on reality television. This time, they’re finally getting married. Maybe. When we last saw the hip hop couple, they were letting us into their intimate life on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (a spinoff of Love & Hip Hop) as Jimmy’s son came to visit for […]

R.Kelly’s teenage girlfriend, Malia Obama gone wild, Gabby Douglas’ hair outrage again, and Bow wow isn’t Black

In this episode, Rae Bay dedicates the entire show to “Rae’s Celebrity Rundown”. R. Kelly has a new girlfriend, Malia Obama gets caught smoking weed, twitter is coming after Gabby Douglas’ hair again, and Bow Wow claims he isn’t black.

Wendy Williams controversy, getting catfished, Tyga’s tigers, and Scottie Kash

In this episode, Rae Bay interviews Scottie Kash and talks Wendy Williams’ comments on HBCU’s, getting catfished, and Tyga’s tigers.

Kimye vs Taylor Swift, Melania Trump, Pokemon Go, and Dwight Marrow

Rae Bay interviews blossoming underground rapper, Dwight Marrow and discusses some hot topics. They break down Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention, the Poke’mon Go craze, and the latest celebrity feud ( Kim Kardashian & Kanye West vs Taylor Swift). Which brings up the question, is calling a woman a bitch still a […]

Loose Lips Playlist

Here you’ll find some of our favorite tracks from local underground artists. Some of who have been guests on the show.

Tamar Braxton gives an exclusive interview to Steve Harvey, “This is not a setback this is a setup”

  Tamar Braxton opens up about what really happened after being fired from “The Real” just over a week ago. Braxton states that husband Vince Hurbert who is also her manager and one of the executive producers of the show found out when he called to ask an unrelated question. He was then told ” […]

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