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It’s getting closer to graduation

Hey there folks! Graduation is rapidly approaching and I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed some days. I am on a mission to secure employment before I walk across the stage in my cap and gown. In order to do that I have been working tirelessly to rework my resume and website in addition to […]

Rant: Dating in 2016, becomes dating in 2017

Every now and again we all feel the need to let out our frustrations pertaining to a specific topic. So as opposed to going on Facebook and subliminally posting something to all my social media friends, I’ve decided to type my thoughts into a concise and semi-well structured blog post. Thank me later for sparing […]

I’m Back and I’m Better

Long time- no…. Well, you know the rest. Let’s play catch up. So, I’m one semester closer to graduation. I’ve been working hard at taking steps to solidify a job offer. I’ve been trying to get as much experience as humanly possible all while building my portfolio. I just started as an intern at PhillyCAM […]

Moving to a new state?

Up until maybe 6 months ago I had always pictured myself living within the tristate area. I mean I really can’t believe that I never let myself dream beyond the realm of Philly. I think partially that was due to my parents as I was growing up. It seems like I was always deterred or […]

Movie Review: “Get Out” – * WARNING * Little bit of a spoiler

So the talk of the town and the internet right now is the feature film, “Get Out”. If you haven’t gone to see this movie and you’re black, I advise you to take your ass to the theatre and spend the ridiculous amount of money for a ticket ( $13) like the rest of us. […]

Update , what’s been going on?

Hey readers!   So I have been MIA! I am in my last year of school and things are starting to get even more crazy! I have started working at 900 am WURD in Philly, I’ve just moved into a new apartment and etc etc. Since my time has been stretched so thin. I’ve decided […]

Raw Artists’ Art Showcase,”Reveal”

Raw Artists Philly put on an extremely dope event last Wednesday. Picture this, a room full of creative minds all putting their artwork on front street while fellow creatives walk about, observing. That was pretty much the scene at, “Reveal”. There was even several live performances from some amazing acts. Check out some of these talented […]