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Tips to a healthier Lifestyle

Let clothing be your motivation

One of my biggest motivations in losing weight has been dropping in dress sizes. I started at 220 lbs and a size 2x in clothing. I was about an 18 in jeans! That was the absolute heaviest I had ever been and looking back it’s actually quite scary. As of now, I am fitting into […]

60 pounds down

Since I’ve hit my 50 lb mark I feel like my journey has slowed down a bit. It is nearing a year from when I started my lifestyle change and I feel like me hitting -60lbs has given me the boost and motivation I needed. I have been super stressed with school and work and […]

Quick and easy meal prep recipe

Meal prepping has been a major help to my dieting. Every Sunday after work I hit the gym then return home to start my meal prepping for the weeks food supply. I’m really busy and constantly on the go so I found that meal prepping was good for me. I will say that it is […]

Everyone’s looking for a quick fix

As my lifestyle change progresses and the pounds continue to shed, I’ve been noticing an increase in the amount of direct messages, Facebook messages, and comments I receive. While none of them have been negative ( so far) I find a lot of them offensive. I feel like today we live in a world that […]

Tip#5: Meal Prepping

Okay so now let’s get to the good stuff. This is something that I decided to do for the simple fact that I am on the go so much. This is the easiest option FOR ME. I’ve actually never looked into meal prepping I just dived into it and it’s been working. I didn’t want […]

Tip #4: Time management

It is a proven fact that the more rest you get while dieting and exercising the more likely you are to lose weight. I’m still currently struggling with this. I have always been a night owl since I was a kid and I find myself up at all hours of the night working on homework […]

Tip #3: Body goals

Do your research and preparation . In preparation of your new lifestyle. It’s very important to consult with your doctor because your body will be going through a major change and it’s almost going to be like you’re shocking it. You definitely don’t want to do anything harmful to your body so your doctor may […]

Tip #2: Focusing on what you CAN eat vs what you CAN’T eat

 A diet is more than just eating salads. I owe this tip to my dad. For years he would always associate dieting with salads. He didn’t understand ( and still doesn’t) that dieting doesn’t limit you as much as you might think. The key to a consistent diet is variety. People get bored of eating […]


Make sure you are losing the weight for YOU and no one else. Do it to make yourself happy. Food is definitely a drug and I feel like it’s the same approach as a drug addict ( well sort of lol). You’ve got to make sure you are whole heartedly ready and 100% dedicated because you’ll […]