Tips for indie artists

I know a thing or two about the mistakes independent artists make when trying to break into the music industry. Here are a list of a few things you as an artist should be aware of if you’re looking to make your next “big move” a success.

Make your social media accounts public

Record execs, DJs, etc will pass right by you. They aren’t going to click follow you just to see what you’re hidding. A public page allows those who are interested in your talent to skim through your page and see what you’ve been doing to get yourself out there. They want to see how much of a fanbase you’ve acquired all on your own.

Learn the difference between BCC & CC

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sent music from indie artists who fail to format the email correctly. DJs and big name record label executives don’t want to know about the other 10s of people you’ve attempted to contact using the same exact email. BCC allows you to send the same email to multiple recipients without the other parties knowing they weren’t very special.

Practice  “email etiquette”

Nothing screams, “I don’t know what I’m doing”, more than bad email etiquette. Forget the abbreviations and text message lingo, you’re trying to impress someone who essentially holds your future in their hands. Show them you are serious about receiving what they can offer you and in turn, what you can offer them.

Put yourself out there

Attend local events in your city. Support other artists you like, chances are they’ll support you too. They might even tell their fans to check out your music. Music is mostly by word of mouth. That means, if my friend John heard your new song and goes to download it, he’s going to want me to hear how good it is. People want to hear what other people think is cool. Which brings me to my next tip.

Sell your music

Yeah I know, the thought of making people buy your music might be a little intimidating but it’s a must. Record labels want to see that you are able to generate units. Whether you sell your mixtape for $5 or $10, they just want to know that your talent can survive the predatory world of sales.

Network like crazy

Have you ever heard the expression, “everybody knows somebody that knows somebody?” Well, it’s true. The next time you’re at that party with a bunch of strangers, don’t be afraid to tell people about your music. Chances are, if you market yourself correctly, they’ll want to hear your stuff for themselves. They might m even be willing to tell their cousin LA Reid about you.


Article: RaeBay

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