Dope Ass Art-Nuri Burr

Atlanta-based illustrator Nuri Burr has been drawing since he was just four years old. He is influenced heavily by his childhood, often using copic markers to depict his favorite video game and cartoon characters in stylized caricature drawings. It wasn’t until his college years at Georgia State University that he began to earn a living from his talents as he worked as a caricature artist. He soon discovered that his talent wasn’t being appreciated and he left the job. Nuri believes that, “If you do good work and share it consistently the people will come naturally in time” and they did. After leaving the caricature job, Nuri’s social media following started to skyrocket and he began receiving tons of requests for commission work. He then decided to pursue freelancing. Nuri uses a host of different techniques acquired through years of practice. He regularly streams his drawing process live on the Periscope app. We’ve chosen some of our favorites from Nuri Burr to feature below.


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