It’s getting closer to graduation

Hey there folks! Graduation is rapidly approaching and I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed some days. I am on a mission to secure employment before I walk across the stage in my cap and gown. In order to do that I have been working tirelessly to rework my resume and website in addition to creating another website that is cleaner and simpler. I have also been connecting with current employees of potential employers I wish to work for. “It’s all in a days work”, isn’t that the saying? As mentioned before, I plan on moving out of state. Originally I had my sights set on Atlanta and even took a trip to visit and look at apartments. After connecting with some Atlanta residents I came to the realization that it may not be the best city to put all my eggs in at this time. Atlanta is completely over saturated with media and it would most likely be difficult for me to find full time employment that would give me a decent salary. After thinking about it and researching I’ve settled on Baltimore, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Fayetteville as potential moves. I plan on applying to jobs in each of these cities and seeing what sticks. Mid September I will begin my job hunt, I am currently finalizing my resume and getting feedback. I have an entire binder dedicated to job postings, maps, connections and other print outs. In October I will start my final undergrad semester. Wish me luck people!

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