I’m Back and I’m Better

Long time- no…. Well, you know the rest. Let’s play catch up. So, I’m one semester closer to graduation. I’ve been working hard at taking steps to solidify a job offer. I’ve been trying to get as much experience as humanly possible all while building my portfolio. I just started as an intern at PhillyCAM and I’m loving it so far. I love an environment that is positive and everyone there is there because they want to be there and they enjoy what they do.
As far as my plans to move to Atlanta. They still remain but I don’t want to limit myself so I am definitely being open minded when it comes to applying for jobs in cities other than Atlanta. I’m even considering staying in Philly. If i receive a job offer here. My number one priority is to get a job in my field. I don’t want to end up being 6 months post grad and twiddling my thumbs waiting for a job offer to fall in my lap. I’m a firm believer that looking for a job, is a job. You have to start early and get ahead of the game. As of now, I’m 6 months before my expected graduation date and I think I am headed in a good direction as far as putting myself out there, tightening up my resume, and gaining experience. We’ll see what happens.

It’s been extremely hard to even think about podcasting but it is my passion and I’ve worked hard at it. It’s also a goal of mine to be a radio personality and I’m thinking of going to grad school to pursue a Master’s in Broadcast journalism. Just a thought right now, although I’ve done quite a bit of research on the subject. I started podcasting because when LooseLips was an internet radio show people would miss a show and that was it. They couldn’t hear me again until the following week. Podcasting is a way for someone to pull up the show and access it as my online resume. I’m definitely going to make a big effort in getting back into recording episodes.

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