Moving to a new state?

Up until maybe 6 months ago I had always pictured myself living within the tristate area. I mean I really can’t believe that I never let myself dream beyond the realm of Philly. I think partially that was due to my parents as I was growing up. It seems like I was always deterred or discouraged from trying new things that no one in our family had done before. It wasn’t until I moved out that I truly started thinking about the things that I wanted to do and not worrying about what my parents would think. Let’s be clear though, my parents are very supportive today and they are proud of the adventurous and determined person I’ve become. But, it took for me to become an adult for them to be content with my choices.

I can’t say for sure that there was a particular “ah ha” moment for me when I decided to move out of state. I do know that when I made the decision on Atlanta I knew it was a place I could see myself thriving. It’s a weird gravitational pull that I’m currently feeling and I think it’s my instincts.

In preparation for my move I’ve done a ton of research. I’ve researched everything from affordable and safe neighborhoods to the prices of U-Haul trailers. I’ve researched potential employment and even shopped around for auto insurance quotes.

During my first visit to Atlanta, I wanted to really find out if Atlanta was the place for me. I decided to rent a car so that I would feel like a true ” Atl resident”, hurtling the traffic that seems to be constant. I visited about a dozen apartment complexes in each  neighborhood and received tours. Although I won’t be moving until 2018, I didn’t want to waste any time especially with me being so crazy busy in my last few school semesters. Phase 2 will be happening in July as I revisit and tour more apartments and ultimately make my decision on which few I’ll be applying to come December.



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