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Self doubt is a dream killer. So many of us don’t even realize that we are the one’s standing in our own way. Sometimes you have to literally look in the mirror and tell yourself: YOU. CAN’T. STOP. ME.

This epiphany came to me while listening to a song by one of my favorite artists – Andy Mineo. At first, I thought he was talking about his haters and people in general who are trying to get in the way of his dreams. But towards the end of the song he says, “my biggest enemy is ME and even I can’t stop me.” At that moment I was like oooooohhhhh! OKAY ANDY OKAY… Seriously though, My mind was instantly blown.

When the music video for Andy’s song “You Can’t Stop Me” came out, I had an even deeper understanding of the message. In the video, we see Andy literally fighting HIMSELF in the boxing ring. Think about it: How many times have you battled with your mind about your dreams? How many times have you stopped yourself from making moves simply because your mind has convinced you otherwise?

Confidence is key when chasing dreams. It literally starts with YOU. You have to have complete confidence in yourself and your abilities so when others doubt you, their lack of confidence in you will not change your level of confidence in yourself.

Check out Andy’s video to “You Can’t Stop Me”:

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Article: Polly O.

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