Rant: Dating in 2016, becomes dating in 2017

Every now and again we all feel the need to let out our frustrations pertaining to a specific topic. So as opposed to going on Facebook and subliminally posting something to all my social media friends, I’ve decided to type my thoughts into a concise and semi-well structured blog post. Thank me later for sparing you the drama on your timeline. So without further ado, lets get started.


Dating in 2017, and I use the term dating loosely. I’m a millennial and I am not in the least bit enamored by the old way of dating. Example; courting the girl you liked, then dating, then engagement, then marriage. Nor am I fond of the ritual known as arranged marriage. But in order to call it dating wouldn’t we have to go on a date? I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic just like every girl but I don’t have to be wined and dined in order for you to hear from me again ( I’m ok with chipotle and a movie, not Netflix though). But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Because in 2017 women aren’t even being approached for dates in the first place.

So what is the problem? Let’s dissect this from each end. Here are a few theories I’ve come up with.


Theory #1-Bitches got problems

Due to the decline in the existence of the two parent household majority of millennial females were raised without a father figure and it has matriculated into what we like to call… ” Daddy issues”. Swinging from poles half naked, being overtly sexual for social media likes, and giving her goods to anyone who wants to Netflix & chill. This girl is looking for attention from men that she never received from her Father. She doesn’t need much to give it up and she’s ok with the ramen noodles you guys ate before, ya know.


Theory # 2- These dudes ain’t loyal

This theory may make a tad more sense to the masses. So it’s pretty evident that monogamy isn’t an aspect that is glorified in todays society, especially among millennials. Being with one woman scares men. A lot of men will prefer to have their cake and eat it too. Meaning, they want someone to come home to that will be ” wifey” but still want to have their freedom and not be tied down to a relationship. To those men I say, man up or become a polygamous.



Whatever theory you believe. Here I am saying that currently trying to get a guy to actually go out and do something is like pulling teeth.

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