Let clothing be your motivation

One of my biggest motivations in losing weight has been dropping in dress sizes. I started at 220 lbs and a size 2x in clothing. I was about an 18 in jeans! That was the absolute heaviest I had ever been and looking back it’s actually quite scary. As of now, I am fitting into a size medium and even purchased a shirt that was a small!

I have noticed that it does depend on which clothing store I purchase from. If I go to stores like Walmart and target, I can fit into a medium. I am also very full on my bottom and thighs so sometimes things fit me strange. For instance, my waist is pretty small compared to my hips so pants tend to buckle out in the back creating a huge gap. This is not cute!

Even trying on clothing after having lost weight will put your weightloss into perspective and make it a bit more visual. Often times you won’t notice changes in your body and clothing really puts an emphasis on those changes.


One of my my tricks I like to do is when purchasing workout clothing, I like to buy them a size or two, too small. They should still fit you and be comfortable but they should clearly be too small. In doing this, you create a small goal for yourself to fit into your new digs and also you won’t grow out of workout clothing as fast.

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