Tip #2: Focusing on what you CAN eat vs what you CAN’T eat

 A diet is more than just eating salads. I owe this tip to my dad. For years he would always associate dieting with salads. He didn’t understand ( and still doesn’t) that dieting doesn’t limit you as much as you might think. The key to a consistent diet is variety. People get bored of eating the same dishes and will begin to feel like they are limiting themselves. NOT GOOD! Google will be your best friend. If you are craving something, look for a healthier alternative to that dish. Pinterest has amazing recipes as well and you can find some that will be geared toward your specific diet, I.e. Paleo etc. With that being said, just because the item might include a vegetable, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. For example, don’t convince yourself that fried zucchini is good for you just because it’s a vegetable. You might as well just have it and not lie to yourself about it. Fried foods aren’t your friend! Baked is always a great alternative. I say all this to say that it still depends on what your personal goal is. Always have that in mind. What do I want for myself? Am I aiming to lose hundreds of pounds or am I just attempting to fit into an old pair of jeans? 

Diets stop , lifestyles don’t 


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