Tip #3: Body goals

Do your research and preparation . In preparation of your new lifestyle. It’s very important to consult with your doctor because your body will be going through a major change and it’s almost going to be like you’re shocking it. You definitely don’t want to do anything harmful to your body so your doctor may be able to tell you which diet is good for you. Prepping your refrigerator, I call this the “big chop”. It’s like ripping off a bandaid or a smoker going cold turkey (Yum cold turkey lol). If you live alone like me this prep will be easy. Basically go through your kitchen and get rid of all the junk that you won’t be eating anymore. If you live with others, come to them and let them know about your plans. If they see that you are serious and plan on being consistent they will most likely work with you and might even join(maybe). Hey, all you need is their support. If they’re not willing to toss some of the bad food then let them know that you will need their help in fighting the temptation. As far as research, this goes back to knowing your personal goal. If you are losing weight to see a lower number on the scale then I think it’s helpful to research your bmi ( Body Mass Index). This will be the healthiest weight that is suggested for a person of your height. 

Diets stop , lifestyles don’t 


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