Tip #4: Time management

It is a proven fact that the more rest you get while dieting and exercising the more likely you are to lose weight. I’m still currently struggling with this. I have always been a night owl since I was a kid and I find myself up at all hours of the night working on homework or something. I found that the trick is to set a bedtime for each night if the week. Each night getting closer and closer to the actual time you’d ideally like to be to sleep. For instance, Mondays are busy days for me, I normally don’t get home until 11:30pm. By the time I take a shower and lay down to relax it’s way pass midnight. I can’t help that I’ll be going to sleep a lot later on Mondays but I can plan my bedtime for the rest of the week. Tuesday’s are a bit less hectic so I’ll plan to be in bed by 11pm.  And so on and so forth. The objective is to get the most amount of sleep when it is allotted. The more energy I have after work and school the more energy I’ll have to get my ass in the gym! Speaking of the gym. I am a sucker for a good schedule. I plan my week from start to finish and include times for workouts, meals, snacks, etc. 

Diets stop , lifestyles don’t 


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