Tip#5: Meal Prepping

Okay so now let’s get to the good stuff. This is something that I decided to do for the simple fact that I am on the go so much. This is the easiest option FOR ME. I’ve actually never looked into meal prepping I just dived into it and it’s been working. I didn’t want to follow anyone else’s plan because I wanted something catered toward my life and my schedule and also ( coming back to this again ) “what is MY goal ?”
So you’ve emptied your fridge and now you’ve only got water some frozen chicken breast and some old spinach ( how my fridge looked after my ” big chop”) . Now it’s time to go food shopping. Decide what type of diet is right for you. I started with just eating things I assumed were healthy until I stumbled upon the paleo diet. It’s basically high protein and low carbs. I’m a big meat eater but I’m not so much into breads so I figured this would work for me. And it has. I’m a bit stricter than paleo though. I don’t eat cheese or sugars.

I prepare half of my meals for the week. The other half I eat at my job. I’m fortunate enough to work in a restaurant who serves great food that is fresh and NOT processed. ?If you’re not that fortunate, don’t worry. Prepare all of the meals that you’ll be eating while you aren’t at home. And if you don’t care for cooking much like me, go ahead and prepare those meals as well. This helps with saving your coins and also getting rid of temptation. Yeah you might work across the street from a McDonald’s but you bought a bomb ass meal you prepared at home.

Diets stop , lifestyles don’t

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