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One Take Dave, West Philadelphia
One Take Dave, West Philadelphia, PA 

One Take Dave is a breath of fresh air from the repetitive sound that seems to be coming out of the city of Philadelphia. His clever lyrics and catchy hooks put him in a class all his own. He is a force to be reckoned with in the underground hip hop world. Don’t believe me? Take a listen to South St from his debut mixtape, Take OneSouth St takes you on Dave’s journey of a night out in one of the city’s most notorious spots for nightlife. Follow him in a cinematic adventure through downtown Philly without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Lee Charm,Newark
Lee Charm, Newark, NJ

He’s got swag for days, with his heartthrob looks, killer dance moves, and soulful voice this triple threat is giving mainstream artists a run for their money. A cross between Neyo and Chris Brown, this Jersey boy has us all asking Where dey at? with one of his latest singles now available on ITunes. Lee swoons us with roots that stem from the southern church he was raised in and captivates us with his powerful voice. It’s no wonder why they call him charming.

Max Hunter, South Philadelphia
Max Hunter, South Philadelphia, Pa

South Philadelphia native Max Hunter can be described as a cross between 2pac and Talib Kweli. His records have a certain consciousness to them. Tracks like All Back and Picture Me Rollin’ from his latest album, blackArt, show that he has staying power. The self proclaimed “Black God”, culminates lyrics to spark conversation all while making you bob your head.


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