Who is Spizike Mike?

West Philadelphia graphic artist, Spizikemike is fairly new to the game but he’s got plans to take Los Angeles by storm. We caught up with him to discuss his past and his promising future.


How’s LA treating you?

I love it. Me and my girlfriend [have] only been here for about two months so [it’s] still a lot to do, see, and experience.

You’re originally from Philly, what part?

Born and raised in West Philly. [I] moved later on to southwest in the Eastwick area. A lot of people [are] not familiar with that part of southwest [Philly].

You’re living in Los Angeles full-time, what do you think is the biggest difference between LA and philly?

Probably the diversity. [There are] so many different races here because people from all over the world move here.

You’re a self taught artist, when did you get into art?

[I’ve] been drawing since I was probably like five. All I did was draw things I [saw], but I liked drawing people more than anything. It got serious when I attended CHAD Art High School but soon after that I fell out of love with art when it stopped being fun and more like a job. It was just recently that I got back into it after seeing all the other creative ways people were doing art.


What’s your creative process like?

Listening to music helps me come up with ideas. Also I am extremely into sports and fashion so I do a lot of research on those subjects and it sparks some ideas. Most of the time I gain inspiration from other artists though. I’m always on artists pages on Instagram looking at their art , it helps my brain works.

You draw alot of celebrities, how do you decide which celebs you’re going to draw?
Social media. I follow artists, athletes, rappers, models and whenever I see a dope picture I tend to want to recreate it.

image image image image

Have any of them reached out to you about you drawing them?

I have had a few like my work on IG but that’s about it, except for ESPN analysts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill from [the] ESPN show “His and Hers”. They both reached out to me to for the artwork I did for them. I really appreciated it because Michael Smith is my favorite sports analyst.


You’ve now kind of branched off into painting, what inspired you to take that leap?

I just feel like I shouldn’t be limited. I want to learn multiple mediums of art and be a jack of all trades. Even if I never master any of them i want to be good at all of them eventually.


What has been your favorite piece that you’ve created?

That’s hard. Maybe the His and Hers piece, [I] worked really hard on that one. Some pieces I really loved when I did them but with my progression my artwork has gotten better and I look back at them like…ehhh.

You’ve started making custom “dad hats”, where can people purchase them?

Well, for the moment I stopped making them to focus on other ventures but the few I have left can be purchased on www.artbyspizikemike.bigcartel.com

image image
What’s a long term goal you have for your art?

Eventually I want to create my own brand. I have been struggling with that for a while. I think I’m still finding myself and developing my own style as an artist. The brand would consist of multiple forms of art such as painting, graphic design, fashion, photography, [and] film. The final goal is to open a boutique for that brand. [It’s] not the largest dream, but in reality all I [want to] do is be paid to do what I love.


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